Xcelsius Basics-Scorecard Component

Using the Scorecard Component?

In this post I will show you how to use the Scorecard Component of Xcelsius 2008.
The Scorecard Component was added in Xcelsius SP3 and provides an easy way to integrate icons for illustrating trends, fulfilment of goals etc.
I will not explain every feature of the component in this post, but merely explain the basics.

Creating the Scorecard Component

1) Open up a new blank Xcelsius canvas
2) Import your data to the Excel cells
My sample data looks like this:
Please note that the D column (Trend) contains a formula that calculates the percentage of change from 2009 to 2010 (like this: =(C4-B4)/B4*100). The F column (Trend target) contains our target for the trend, which corresponds to the expected increase in sales in percent. The “2010 Target” shows the numerical target of 2010 (which in a real logical world should match the trend target multiplied by the 2009 number, however in this example it does not). Finally the G column shows the actual achieved percentage of the target value (=C4/E4*100).

3) Locate the “Scorecard” component in the group “Selectors” from the Components list.

4) Drag and drop the Scorecard component on the canvas
5) Configure the component to show the sample data by clicking the small icon next to the “Display Data”  field.
6) Set the range to A3:E7 to show the five columns “Country”, “2009″, “2010″, “Trend” and “2010 Target”

Configuring appearance and alerters:

Now that we have created the basis scorecard it is time to tweak the appearance a bit, as well as getting the alerters configured.
I want to show two different “alerters” in my scorecard:
  • The current trend as an arrow that points up if the trend is positive, down when the trend is negative and of course straight (to the right) when it is around zero. Furthermore I want the arrow to be coloured red/yellow/green depending on whether the trend target is reached or not.
  • The achieved percentage of the target value (red/yellow/green circles)
1) In the “Appearance” tab, de-select the “2010 Target” to hide the values from this column
2) In the “Alerts” tab, select the “Trend” and “2010 Target” columns to enable alerters for these two columns.
3) Make sure the “Trend” column is selected in the list and then make the range D4:D7 the “Alert Values”

4) Set the method to “As Percent of Target” and select F4:F7 as the range (The trend target)
5) Click the “High values are good” option to make sure that we interpret a high percentage as something positive

6) Configure the intervals you want to use for each color (see example below)
7) Make sure that the “Enable Auto Colors” option is ticked and select an appropriate type of icons for the alerter. In this case we want to show arrows with colors (from the 4 icon sets).
8) Apply the same logic to the “2010 Target” alerter, but instead select the circle icons from the “3 Icon Sets”
Now your scorecard should look like this:

I will do a follow-up post soon on the scorecard component to show how to configure different icon sets, alternative alerter configurations etc. so stay tuned.

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