Xcelsius Basics-Introduction to Xcelsius

Why do I need Xcelsius?
(This is how we made a case for Xcelsius, in our company)
It’s a tough crowd. You have to present business data to your Clients/colleagues, but you know audiences are easily bored by mind-numbing spreadsheets. And traditional charts and graphs aren’t much better—static, staid, and standardized, they’ve all begun to look the same.

One of our clients once asked us to show 5 matrices for 5 competitors and 3 products, this would have required 15 Charts ON 8 SLIDES !!! Imagine going through these slides one by one

Instead, we gave them an Xcelsius dashboard. All the chats were generated on the fly just by changing a drop down. (See some dashboard examples here). The dashboards themselves tell a great deal about this tool.
Crystal Xcelsius makes it easier for us to create engaging, interactive dashboards and business presentations from ordinary spreadsheets- giving our clients greater insights into the data, and ensuring our audiences make smart decisions. The dashboards can easily be exported '.PDF', '.PPT', '.SWF', '.HTM', '.DOC' . The presentation below tells everything that a person, new to this tool, needs to know to get started. (Picked up from the original Xcelsius website- which no longer exists, no copyright infringement intended)

This is what their original banner looked like (Yes, those who had seen it earlier might be seeing it after a long time)

Let me know if this helps!

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