Any Flash in Flash Dashboards..

There is this interesting feature of the Image component which is not very well known, Image component lets you import flash files (.swf extenton).  This property lets us import ‘Ready made’ Flash files (from internet etc) into the Xcelsius dashboard.

These flash files could be used for multiple things like for adding color to your dashboard i.e. for improving the general look and feel of dashboard or for adding an animated logo to the dashboard or for adding a tab of introduction to your dashboard which describes the process you are reporting.

For example, there was a dashboard which was made for a steel plant which described the Continuous Casting Process (??) in one tab, and in another tab pictorially described (using flash) the various physical parts that get effected by the changes in the "what if" dashboard.
In the example below I have added a globe to the dashboard with flickering icons (created here) to improve the overall aesthetic of the dashboard.

The globe used is this.Thus, using flash you can add a lot more information to your Dashboard and also improve the overall appearence

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