There is no standard way to make a calendar in Excel. Some people make calendars by using USERFORMS of vba.There is nothing wrong in using this method, but the problem lies in the fact that  visual appeal of the Dashboards/reports is very important, especially when you have other more visually appealing softwares like Xcelsius& Flex ,the standards all around have gone up. So you can use the Userforms but as I said it doesn’t score very high on aesthetics. Keep Reading...

So here is a simple method of making a calendar in Excel. NO VBA coding required. I have attached two samples one for excel 2003 and the other made in Excel 2007. There are two calenders given in the workbook attached.
a) One with Radio buttons which lets you choose the exact date.Snapshot given below
b) The other will just let you choose start month and end month date. This calender is without Radio buttons
Now the best part is that you can do all the Formatting changes you want to and make use of the same in your dashboards. 
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