SAS- Retrieve Your Unsaved SAS Code

Get Your Lost SAS Code Back

This happens so many times to so many people, frequently saving codes (or other documents) is something that we are just not good at,  fortunately,  SAS takes a backup of the code we work on every 10 minutes (default time).
If you happen to lose an unsaved code; look in the following location: 

C:\Documents and Settings\Analyst\Application Data\SAS\EnhancedEditor\

*Application Data might be hidden so to unhide it  go to  Tools>Folder options>View then click on "Show hidden files and Folders" 

*replace “Analyst” with your login user id to the local machine; 

A copy of the unsaved version must be available here. Else simply search your local drive for files with extension ‘.$as’ (extension for auto-saved SAS codes)

You can change the 10-minute time interval for auto-save by clicking Tools ► Options ► Preferences and selecting the Edit tab. In the preferences dialog box, make sure Autosave is checked and change the time.

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    # by Tushar - December 11, 2013 at 12:01 PM

    Can you tell me same for the Unix environment? I am working in IBM AIX platform and for sure this is the coolest tip i have ever read. Thanks!! :)

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