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I have two formulas in two cells that generate a cell address in each.How do I use the cell address value given in these cells to select a range (in a formula) and then find the highest number in that range? For Example my formulas return the following cell addresses:E1 & E2 need the formula to basically say =sum(E1,E2) but without the manual input - the range in the formula needs to come from the cells with the cell addresses.

Basicly what he wants is if he has a cell (say G3) which has a value say'E1' and another cell (say H3) which has a value 'E2' how can he sum E1 and E2 (note:these cells have 'E1' and 'E2' in them and not '=E1' or '=E2')This can be solved using the indirect function.


Use the following '=SUM(INDIRECT(G3),INDIRECT(H3))'.
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