Xcelsius-Formatting Tricks -2: Pie Chart Labels

Pie Chart With Changing Display Labels
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Using a simple Pie-Chart in Xcelsius is boring. This is how a simple pie chart look will look like in Xcelsius. Instead of this we want the user to have the ability to change the various parameters that he wants to view on the Pie chart. For example if we have show the sales of four entities on the pie chart, ’a-d’ we would like the user to be able to select which of the four entities he wants to see on the pie chart say if he wants to see ‘a’, ’b’ & ‘d’ he should be able to do so with check boxes.

You can play with the dashboard below

These are the steps to be followed.

1. Using the First Formatting Trick -1 create a (Chart+background) group and uncheck ‘Show Chart Background’ and ‘Enable Legend’ like we did in the Formatting Trick -1

2. Then using check boxes in this case 4 check boxes group them, align them & space them evenly. Then group this with the (Chart+background) group.
3. Once this is done change the color of the ‘unchecked’ and ‘checked’ of every check box to the color of the respective series in the pie chart.
4. Point the destination and label of every check box to the cells in the spread sheet as shown.

5.Use the formulas as shown in the spread sheet so as to have them populated only when we have the respective check box is checked.

6. Once this is done we have the pie chart which looks like this.

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